When a declaration of intent is interpreted, it is necessary to ascertain the true intention rather than adhering to the literal meaning of the declaration.

§ 133 German Civil Code (BGB), issued 18.08.1896


An obligor has a duty to perform according to the requirements of good faith, taking customary practice into consideration.

§ 242 German Civil Code (BGB), issued 18.08.1896


Among merchants, the meaning and effect of acts and omissions shall be considered in the light of the customs and practices applicable in commercial transactions.

§ 346 German Civil Code (HGB), issued 10.05.1897


A limited liability company as such has independent rights and obligations; it may acquire ownership of and other rights in real property and may sue and be sued in court.

§ 13 Para 1 German Act on Limited Liability Companies (GmbHG), issued 20.04.1892


All Germans shall have the right freely to choose their occupation or profession, their place of work and their place of training. The practice of an occupation or profession may be regulated by or pursuant to a law.

Art 12 Abs. 1 Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany (GG), issued 23.05.1949


The partners shall be personally and jointly and severally liable to the creditors for the partnership’s obligations. Any agreement to the contrary shall be ineffective vis-à-vis third parties.

§ 128 German Commercial Code (HGB), issued 10.05.1897

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